1B.2 Adjective Agreement

If the names have different sexes, the adjective is rejected according to the male plural form: however, many adjectives have different extremities and do not follow the general rule. Most Italian adjectives end in -o and follow the usual declination of nouns. English speakers are not used to reject adjectives or articles. In Italian, adjectives change shape to match the sex and number of nostun to which they refer. If an adjective refers to two or more names, the agreement depends on whether or not the names have the same sex. If the names are all male or female, the adjectives maintain this sex and are rejected according to the plural form. Most adjectives in French come after nostun, unlike English. Example: An adjective is a word that describes a nostunon. In French, adjectives must match their name, which means that they must show whether they are masculine or feminine and singular or plural to match the noun. An explanation of how French adjectives should coincide with their subtantifs regarding their sex and plurality, the adjectives that end in the singular have only two forms: adjectives, which end in the male singular form, have female variation in the author. The adjectives that end in -a in the singular form follow the sex of the noun only in the plural form. Hey to everyone! My name is Ermanno, I am 35 years old and I am an Italian speaker. I got a master`s degree in law in 2010.

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