Account Now Cardholder Agreement

Bill payment. You can initiate invoice payments via your card account via the cardholder`s website or mobile app. Bills must not exceed USD 4,000 per payment and you cannot launch more than $10,000 in bill payment in one business day. Invoice payments are made electronically or by paper cheque. The “Bill Payment” tab on your cardholder`s website contains a list of recipients who accept payments electronically. If you wish to send an invoice to an unmentioned recipient, the subcontractor prints a paper cheque sent directly to the recipient. A payment of invoices can be launched immediately or scheduled for a future date. Electronic invoice payments are processed within 2 to 3 days of the start of payment or from the chosen future payment date. Paper cheque invoice payments are processed within 4-7 days of the start of payment or from the chosen future payment date. Bills are billed. Please note the royalty plan included in this Agreement. Definitions. In this agreement, the terms “you” and “your” or “cardholder” are account holders, any primary card holder, any secondary card holder of the card and any heir, guardian, personal representative or agent in the bankruptcy of the above.

“We,” “we” and “our” refers to the bank and includes employees, executives, members, directors, lawyers, related companies, predecessors, successors and divestitures, as well as marketing, service and collection representatives and representatives of the above. “Bank” means Sunrise Banks, N.A., the issuer of the card. “program manager,” mercury Service Group, LLC, the bank-authorized service provider for the CONEXT program┬« Visa┬« prepaid card and its successors, related company or agent. Any card or card account request is processed by the program manager acting on behalf of the bank. “CONEXT Network Location” is a program manager`s retail site or an independent, bank-approved network store to enter into an agreement with the program manager regarding the market and distribution of the card and the collection of card account payments. The card`s value charges are recorded on behalf of the bank on a CONEXT network site. “Account holder” refers to the business entity that has qualified and opened for the card account and holds the balance in the card account.