Anaconda Python License Agreement

All licensed software. All licensed software is licensed by Anaconda in accordance with the terms of this agreement and all transactional documents applicable to subscribers; However, if, in all cases, there are provisions contained in a transaction document or other documents in conflict with this Agreement or introduce additional conditions to that agreement, the terms and conditions of that agreement are given priority, since any modification or addition of this Agreement can only be initiated and implemented by authorized representatives of Anaconda and subscribers. The subscriber`s license (“you” or “your”) for downloading, using, copying, distributing or modifying the software product is subject to all the terms of the end-user`s license agreement (“Agreement”). General restrictions. Unless otherwise or expressly authorized by this Agreement, the subscriber will not encourage third parties to reproduce, modify, translate, improve, decompile, decompile, reassemble or attempt to infer the source code of the software conceded; (b) to rent, lease or sublicensing the software granted; (c) to use licensed software on the basis of a service office or application service provider; (d) to provide, disclose, disclose or authorize the use of the licensed software by third parties; (e) bypass or disable the features or technological measures of the licensed software. If you wish to terminate this contract, you can do so by terminating the use of Anaconda┬« Individual Edition. Anaconda may terminate the agreement and license granted to it at any time if you do not comply with a provision of this Agreement. By terminating this Agreement, you agree to immediately stop using the Anaconda┬« Individual Edition and destroy all copies in your possession or control. If this agreement is terminated, all provisions are maintained, with the exception of the licences granted to you.

Open source tools. “Open Source Tools” refers to any “open source” code (as defined by the Open Source Initiative), a “free” code (as defined by the Free Software Foundation) or a community source code. All third-party open source software or tools made available to anaconda`s subscriber in connection with the subscriber`s use of the licensed software, with the exception of Core Dependencies, are provided “as seen” and “with all errors” under the terms of the applicable license agreement or the third-party open source license. With the exception of the explicit safeguards provided by Anaconda pursuant to Section 7.2 and the compensation obligations for the software granted pursuant to Section 8.2, Anaconda disclaims any liability and any liability or obligations relating to third-party open source software and tools, with the exception of Core Dependencies.