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By filing this Agreement, the undersigned author of Ohio State University, on behalf of the Knowledge Bank, grants its academic libraries (hereinafter referred to as “publishers”) the non-exclusive right to reproduce, translate, display and/or distribute the deposit (including the abstract) as part of the [name of journal] of [company name] (“magazine”). They also agree that the publisher may create and retain more than one copy for preservation, security and backup purposes. You represent that as sole author and/or on behalf of your co-authors, you are entitled to grant the rights contained in this Agreement. You also declare that in your soul and conscience, your deposit does not infringe the copyright of persons. If the contribution contains materials for which you do not own copyright, you represent that you have obtained unlimited permission from the copyright owner to give the publisher the rights to this agreement and that such material is clearly identified and acknowledged in the text or content of the contribution. Otherwise, you represent that the use of third party materials is permitted because the material is public or because you have conducted a fair use analysis and your use is reasonably authorized. Illustration Services Elsevier`s Author Services offers illustration services to authors who are preparing for the submission of a manuscript, but who are taking care of the quality of the images in their article. Elsevier`s experienced illustrators can create scientific, technical and medical images as well as a wide range of diagrams, tables and graphs. “Polishing” is also available, where our illustrators take your photos and improve them to a professional level. Please visit the site to learn more. Most Elsevier magazines have their reference model in many of the most popular literary management software. These include all products that support Citation Style language styles, such as.B.

Mendeley. With the citation plug-ins for these products, authors only have to choose, when creating their article, the corresponding journal template, according to which citations and bibliographies are automatically formatted in the style of the journal. If no template is yet available for this magazine, please follow the format of the references and examples citations, as shown in this manual. If you are using literature management software, be sure to remove all field functions before submitting the electronic manuscript. More information on removing field functions from different literary management software. Mendeley Desktop users can easily install the reference style of this magazine by clicking on the following link:open.mendeley.com/use-citation-style/optik-international-journal-for-light-and-electron-opticsIf you are preparing your manuscript, you can select this style with Mendeley plug-ins for Microsoft Word or LibreOffice. Typeset would allow downloading your references in optics – International Journal for Light and Electron Optics final note style according to elsevier guidelines….