Freehold Flats Agreement

Most homes have ownership, but some can be rented, usually through home sharing systems. These generally apply to shared dwellings or real estate located in residential areas with communal gardens or land. Hello, I own the property on all the land, which consists of two converted apartments, of which I own one. As an independent landlord, I have to arrange insurance for the buildings, the two tenants each pay 50%. Recently, I was entitled to this insurance with regard to the water of the apartment that went through my ceiling. This leak was caused by the tenants of the 2-year-old boys and now the tenant refuses to pay 50% of the excess. The tenant wants to know where he says he has to, I can`t find it in the rental agreement, but since we pay 50% on insurance, does that mean we pay 50% of the surplus? The period between the decision to purchase the property and the issuance of the first notification is crucial. Meanwhile, the tenants must: I own the entire building and live in the apartment on the first floor and the tenant lives in the ground floor apartment below. Unfortunately, we had a strained relationship from day one. HI, I`m new to this forum, I`m renting an apartment (first floor) at Newham Council. The lease states that I also own a small part of the garden. Recently, the city council contacted me and told me that they will take 400mm from the garden to build new apartments on adjacent outdated land. My question is this: Do I have the right to be compensated if I lose the part of the country? If so, how can I handle this? Thanks in advance for your advice, hello, I`m looking for a mortgage on a condo, but I would be the manager of the building and own the land.

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