Hyena License Agreement

Hyena is only allowed for users who actually use the software, regardless of the number of end users, domains or servers actually managed. Each administrator (user) who uses Hyena requires a separate license. An active and current maintenance contract gives the licensee the right to a free upgrade during the maintenance period. Hyena`s “Tools> Configurations> Licensing dialog box can be used to display the maintenance expiration date. Hyena issues a warning if the maintenance time is about to expire. The maintenance period, which is integrated into all Hyena licenses, allows for free updates during this maintenance period. Hyena is a new body shape for DAZ Big Cat 2 and one of the first hyenas on the market today. Hyena comes with 4K texture, there is extra realism, several head-morphs, eight large poses and three texture sets – white, orange and natural. Hyena is ideal for any African scene or even as the guardians of Hades. It also comes with a full fur preset for Look At My Hair and pose support with Poser Companion Files. Negatives: There`s really nothing to miss. One of the qualities I liked was the possibility of extending my maintenance contract by 1, 2 or 3 years.

They only allow a one-year extension. I keep mine up to date, because there is nothing comparable for this price range. For information on Hyena`s prices and upgrade procedures from one version to another, click here. The upgrade fee only applies if a maintenance contract has not been acquired or expired. All new Hyena licenses include a free upgrade period of one (1) year from the date of purchase. For more information on hyena`s maintenance plans prices and policies, click here. We have worked hard to make Hyena a powerful and cost-effective tool for the administration of the system. Hyena trial versions are available for 30 days from the installation date.

The record dialog box (which is displayed every time an unregistered copy is executed by Hyena) shows the number of days left during the trial period. Once the 30-day trial is complete, Hyena must continue to be registered. Specific warranty, non-responsibility and license information is available in the license.rtf file that is here and is included in the Hyena distribution package. Hyena is only allowed for the user who actually uses the software, regardless of the number of end users, domains or servers actually managed. Each administrator using Hyena needs a separate license. After licensing, an administrator can use Hyuna from his local workstation, on a server or from any workstation via network access or RDP. Simultaneous licensing is not permitted due to the difficulty of compliance and monitoring of use. The relationship between Hyena`s maintenance process and Hyena`s release date is used to determine whether a specific license is allowed for a free upgrade to a newer version. If the maintenance expiry date is after the release date, the upgrade is free.

If the maintenance process is before the release date, an upgrade fee is charged. When the maintenance expiry date has expired, you`ll find in the next section if it can still be renewed. To determine the maintenance renewal authorization to determine whether a maintenance plan for a given license can be purchased or renewed, select hyenas settings > license dialog, and note how maintenance is going or what updates are available up to the date. This date must be after the current release date of Hyena, which is displayed in the field below to run the current version: New Licenses – All new Hyena licenses include a (1) year of free upgrade from the date of purchase.