Issue 002: Liam DiCosimo from Cloud City Cast

On today’s issue, we have our very first guest: Liam DiCosimo from Cloud City Cast.

Listen To The Issue:

Current Issues:

  • Doctor Strange movie (read Brian K. Vaughn’s “The Oath”)
  • More Batman v Superman talk
  • Suicide Squad reshoots
  • Marvel’s Civil War II books
  • Marvel’s Old Man Logan II books
  • DC revising current books to be in line with the movies
  • Why you, as a fan, don’t have to be Marvel vs DC vs etc.

What We’re Reading:

  • The Walking Dead trade Vol. 1
  • Saga trade Vol. 1
  • Nemesis
  • Poe Dameron Issue #001
  • Marvel’s Civil War
  • All New Wolverine

What’s That Mean?:

  • Panel
  • Splash page
  • Spread
  • Digital Comic
  • Omnibus
  • Annual Issue

Recommended If You Like:

  • What to read if you love Star Wars


  • I have been into comics for quite a while and was looking for some podcasts to listen to while I am remodeling my house. I came across your show and instantly became hooked. Only two episodes so far and this is great stuff, even for an fairly well versed reader, like myself. I’m always looking for things I might have missed, to pick up and start reading.

    In this episode you were discussing why it is good to support your local comic book shop. I fully agree. However, I live in rural Missouri and have to drive 70 minutes if I want to pick up anything comic related; be it single issues, tpb, or graphic novels. Because of this I subscribe to Marvel Unlimited and use Amazon if I want anything outside of Marvel.

    Do you have any suggestions on how to get single issue books, other than online, and how to support comic book shops, for those of us that don’t have the luxury of buying from a local dealer?

    Keep up the great podcast!

    • Ryan, your comment means a lot to me! Thanks so much for listening!

      As for your issue, you’re definitely not alone. So just buying single issues, but non digital? I actually just partnered up with a company that sells them — — disclaimer, I make a small commission if you buy from them. If you’d rather that not happen, just head to the regular url :)

      I’m also working on finding an indie comic shop owner who will ship books (maybe for a certain minimum). Until then, mycomicshop is a great choice with a HUGE selection. I’ll definitely update on the show when we do find someone who’ll do that. Thanks again for listening!

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