Preventive Maintenance Service Level Agreement

To create a preventative maintenance ALS with the SLA assistant (change the details): 17. ALS Applicability This SLA section is valid for you if we have an agreement to provide services for all devices we rent, lease or sell to order, with the exception of DI2000 (covered equipment is called “Covered Equipment”). You can customize ALS as specific or generally as you need by filling in the request options settings. You can select multiple requirements if they all have the same workflow and service level. For more information, click Create multiple SLAs at once in a group. 20. ALS charges You pay alS fees for the initial duration of the service and all renewal service periods. We can increase ALS charges based on the initial service time, and any increases will be reflected on your bill. If you receive a service for repairs caused by excluded circumstances, PBI charges you the service on current PBI hourly rates and for all necessary parts. If you exceed the cycle volume of your specified equipment to order, PBI may charge you for the additional cycles on the indicated cycle volume (additional cycles are called “overruns”).

The fee is based on the date we see no overrun. Note: The service Desk Manager`s role in the “Preventive Maintenance” application is optional. If your site doesn`t have some craftsmen for a task, if you don`t want to impose escalations during the period when the work needs to be completed, or if you don`t have different superiors and work teams for different PM procedures, you don`t need to set up service level agreements. 4 This preventative maintenance contract will grow over time, with additional knowledge of customer needs and the introduction of new applications and services into the support portfolio for City Transit Services. Maintenance Volume The following services are the minimum requirements that must be provided by A-1 Automotive: A-1 Automotive must use A, B, C, City Transit Services inspection forms as a checklist to complete each inspection. (SEE EXHIBIT A). A-1 Automotive must also have sufficiently trained personnel to carry out the inspections listed below. A-1 Automotive conducts vehicle inspections at regular intervals, defined by city transit services and recommended by the chassis supplier. These inspections must meet the requirements of the Florida Department of Transportation`s “Preventive Maintenance Guidelines” book.