Social Security (International Agreements) Act 1999

(d) to provide assistance, at the request of another Party, with regard to social security agreements concluded by one of the Parties with third countries, and only to the extent and in the circumstances provided for in the administrative agreement concluded pursuant to Article 25; and lawyers should also read the Social Security Guide (available under guides.dss.gov.au/guide-social-security-law); Centrelink agents use this guide to assess entitlement to pay. 5. In order to be entitled to a pension under the legislation on social security schemes administered by the Instituto de Normalización Previsional, persons who receive an Australian pension or who reside in Australia in the course of working life in accordance with the Australian Social Security Act shall be considered to be current contributors to the social security scheme in Chile. Agreement between the competent authorities of the Republic of Austria and the Kingdom of Denmark on compensation for social security costs. Adoption: 1995-03-09 | INT-1995-IA-41066Amends Regulation (EEC) No 1408/71 on the application of social security schemes to employed and self-employed persons and their families travelling between the two States. Also amends Council Regulation (EEC) No 574/72 implementing Regulation No 1408/71. Supplementary Arrangement the Administrative Arrangement of 10 November 1983 concerning the procedures for the application of the Social Security Convention of 5 January 1983. Done bern and Copenhagen.Adoption: 1986-11-25 | Effective Date: 1986-10-01 | INT-1986-IA-4082Modifies the arts. 5, 6, 11 and 12 (1) of the Administrative Arrangement relating in particular to old-age insurance benefits, invalidity pensions and other purposes. Entered into force on 1 October 1986. Agreement amending the Convention of 15 September 1955, taking into account social security.

Adopted: 1977-05-05 | INT-1977-IA-13348 Convention on Social Security between the Kingdom of Denmark and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Adopted by Copenhagen: 1982-03-01 | INT-1982-IA-25223 Convention on social security between the Republic of Turkey and the Kingdom of Denmark. Done at Copenhagen, 13 December 1999.Adoption: 13.12.1999 | INT-1999-IA-62784 Provisions relating to sickness and maternity benefits, accidents at work and occupational diseases, family benefits and allowances, unemployment insurance, age, invalidity and survivors` benefits. . . .