Spotted Lanternfly Compliance Agreement

Facilities transporting facilities within the quarantine zone to other states must also have a compliance agreement with the PDA. For more information, contact your regional office.  1) Movement of an item regulated by a quarantine zone without authorization. A regulated item, including all vehicles or means of transportation, may be shipped through the quarantine area without authorization or compliance agreement if the regulated item and vehicle and transportation outside the quarantine area are met and all the following criteria are met: the information below has been directly extracted from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture`s press release. Information on authorizations and compliance agreements is specific to PA. At present, there is no quarantine, authorization or claim agreement in Ohio, as the SLF has not yet been proven in Buckeye State.  3) A person who has an authorization or is subject to a compliance agreement allows the Department to enter the Participant`s premises during normal business hours to: conduct inspections and collect samples to test for spotted lanterns; check the datasets for this quarantine mission; and to interview staff to learn about training on Spotted Lanternfly practices or compliance with this or part of the order.  B. Spotted Lanternfly, Lycorma delicatula, is a new parasite in the United States and has been detected in the Commonwealth. It is an insect dangerous to forests, ornamental trees, orchards and grapes and is not located in the Commonwealth or the United States.

It is not yet widespread or distributed in or throughout the Commonwealth, but it has been found in many counties since its first appearance in the Commonwealth.  H. Areas or areas of the Commonwealth in which the plant pest, Lycorma delicatula (Spotted lanternfly), has been detected or confirmed, and adjacent areas in quarantine are defined in Article 1, paragraph 1 (in connection with quarantine) of this quarantine provision. Any new Commonwealth site or territory in which the pest, Lycorma delicatula (Spotted lanternfly), is discovered or confirmed at a later date, and adjacent areas are added to this quarantine by means that the areas or areas to be added to this quarantine regulation are added. As this decision, an endorsement will be published in the Pennsylvania Bulletin and the implementation of this quarantine decision regarding this area or area will take effect immediately after this publication in the Pennsylvania Bulletin. Officials believe that the speckled lantern fly requires feeding to the sky tree (Ailanthus altissima) to multiply; however, the insect can be fed by other plants and trees. Egg masses will be laid on the trunk, branches and limbs of medium to large trees, often in the upper parts of the awning. In the spring, nymphs hatch and move from trees to new hosts, including several crops, including grapes, apples and peaches.  4) Disrespect. If the owner or person in charge does not comply with the provisions of this regulation, the Department may carry out the control operations and all processing costs are paid by default to the Department.