Usda Legal Services Agreement

The Policy Section provides formal legal advice on a wide range of civil rights issues and is the primary responsibility for cooperating with the Adjudication Board to ensure compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act and its statutes for state-supported programs. The department is responsible for handling legal work and litigation on behalf of all USDA agencies arising from the many laws and regulations that generally apply to all federal government authorities. These include the Federal Tort Claims Act, the Freedom of Information Act, the Data Protection Act, the Federal Advisory Committee Act, federal statutes and regulations, tax laws, federal financial assistance laws, homeland security and emergency measures laws, and federal intellectual property laws. The department is also responsible for preparing the USDA`s official recommendations to the DOJ, whether it`s appealing negative decisions from different lower courts or participating in appel.a. or other appeals cases as an Amicus. Regional offices provide daily legal advice to USDA client agencies; legal advice to the agencies prior to the Agency`s action; Documents and guidelines verify the legal implications. Office staff provide legal representation in administrative proceedings – MSPB, Board of Contract Appeals, EEOC and Interior Board of Land Appeals. Regional staff coordinate with the DOJ to manage litigation. Lawyers perform a large number of legal functions, including: the department is responsible for legal advice on activities overseen by the Secretaries of State for Rural Development; food, food and consumer services; and Farm and Foreign Agricultural Services and some programs under the Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC). . . .