Westjet Pilot Collective Agreement Pdf

Unifor membership cards return to our office at an incredible price! You and your employees make a difference as you continue to prove that a union contract is the only way to bring the environment and respect to your workplace. Unifor collective agreements have a language that speaks directly to your right to return to your workplace in the event of dismissal. In recent weeks, WestJet has had a union advantage. Pilots have officially joined the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA), the world`s largest pilots` union, representing more than 60,000 pilots in Canada and the United States, and are negotiating a first fair contract. Similarly, WestJet`s air transport workers may soon benefit from the union advantage, as more and more union cards are signed. As recently as this week, WestJet was forced to apologize and end a program in which passengers were asked to monitor flight attendants after employees complained about the invasion of privacy. The benefits of unions were also felt in all sectors just over a week ago, when it was learned that the federal government was abandoning plans to privatize airports. Don`t be silent while others win their vote. The arbitration award, which is binding on all parties, follows negotiated negotiations and formal arbitration hearings that have taken place since May 2018. The price sets the terms of the first collective agreement, which contains all outstanding conditions of employment for WestJet and Swoop pilots. Connect with WestJet on Facebook at facebook.com/westjetFollow WestJet on Twitter twitter.com/westjet Follow WestJet on Instagram instagram.com/westjet/Subscribe on YouTube on youtube.com/westjetRead WestJet blog at blog.westjet.com With the animated Christmas frenzy behind us, it`s time to reflect on our needs and wishes for the year ahead.

The comments of the CEO of Westet show that he is certainly thinking about changes in the way the company operates. During this change, pilots, cabin crew and distributors will all have a voice as reorganized union members. Forward workers also need a voice. If you join Unifor, you will have a place at this table. In May, the airline announced that the agreement would continue as part of a cash transaction. Under the agreement, Onex acquired all of WestJet`s remaining shares for 31 $US per share, after which WestJet would act as a private company. To complete the agreement, valued at approximately $5 billion, including debts incurred, certain conditions had to be met, such as court permits, shareholders and regulatory approvals, including approval of the Canada Transportation Act.